Growth-FlexV© Pro Advanced Height Increase System

One of the safest way to improve your height is by improving your posture and by enhancing your own natural growth. The system is provided with advanced bone growth techniques and bone development nutrition in order to help you improve your own natural growth safely, effectively and proportionally. Consider it one of the best height increase supplements.

Your Growth-FlexV© Pro System includes:

1 - Growth-FlexV© Pro Advanced Posture and Height Correction Guides
2 - GflexV© Supplement
3 - BoneBuilder Denmaks™ Dietary Supplement

Growth-FlexV Pro System

1 - Growth-FlexV® Pro Advanced Posture & Height Correction Guides | Perfect Height Booster

Dr.Etienne Tran's Key (Height Increase and Bone Development Techniques) help condition the spinal discs, ligament, blood vessels and enhances the nervous system's function. Good height and posture are important not only for your personal appearance and attitude, but also for your overall health and physical well-being. Having your bone and posture in great shape tends to make you feel great! (See testimonials)

How tall you "are" is often determined by the condition of your posture. Having a stiff back equals to feeling old regardless of age. After many years of research and development, Dr. EtienneTran narrowed these advanced posture and height development techniques to be safe and effective ways in order to improve your own natural growth. Some of these techniques are aimed for maintaining and rehabilitating the constant regeneration of spinal discs.

According to Dr. Etienne Tran, the main reason for decreased body height is due to the degeneration of spinal discs and malnutrition; however, these conditions can be rehabilitated with proper bone regeneration techniques and nutrition.

Dr. Etienne Tran recommends the Growth-FlexV® Pro Height System to most patients in order to improve their posture and bone development. The purpose of this system is to help bring your body structure to a more vertical and proportional state. As you get older, Dr.Tran's techniques will help you prevent from forward slumping posture, height loss and even that stereotypical "old age" look. You will be surprised how much height is hidden in your slouched back and bad posture.

2 - Growth-flexV® Pro Dietary Supplement

This product has been approved by Health Canada (G-Flex V)

Growth-flexV® Pro Dietary Supplement: High quality amino acids (Vcaps Technology Capsules). Helps the body to improve natural growth and to help maintain good health. Specifically formulated to include the highest quality amino acids that are derived from Natural Food Based products. (VCAPS) Vegetarian Capsules Approved by Vegetarian Society. This product does not contain any: Hormones, sugars, artificial colours, flavors or preservatives. Halal, Kosher certified supplement with vegetable origin.

3 - BoneBuilder Denmaks™ Dietary Supplement

This product has been approved by Health Canada (Bone Builder)

BoneBuilder Denmaks™ Dietary Supplement: A truly balanced and synergistic blend of essential minerals. its major function is in building and maintaining bone development! BoneBuilder Denmaks™ encourages bone growth with an exclusive blend of nutrients. While other bone health products help to protect existing bone mass, our product helps to promote new bone growth. It does this by activating the cells within the bone remodelling process responsible for building new bone. Existing bone is strengthened and supported, while your bones’ rebuilding process should improve with consistent use.

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